É melhor atirar-se à luta em busca de dias melhores, mesmo correndo o risco de perder tudo, do que permanecer estático, como os pobres de espírito, que não lutam, mas também não vencem, que não conhecem a dor da derrota, nem a glória de ressurgir dos escombros. Esses pobres de espírito, ao final de sua jornada na Terra não agradecem a Deus por terem vivido, mas desculpam-se perante Ele, por terem apenas passado pela vida. "Bob marley"

quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2015


01-Wild Knights-she likes to party
02-Jimmy Reid-nah give up
03-Mikey Spice - Showers Of Blessing
04-Stanley Roots-angel
05-Honey Boy - All I Want
06-bill spencer-its a beautiful life
07-Jimmy Riley-your the one
08-clinark-as a man i weep
09-Donna Marie - Shing Star
10-Gregory Issacs - My Time
11-the stingers-rasta stop no one
12-Brent Dowe - Little Nut Tree
14-Mike Brooks-lonely
15-Donna Marie - In Loving You
16-Honey Boy - Where Will You Be
17-Gregory Issacs - Cool Down The Place
18-Barrington Spence-my god and i
19-Donna Mrie - Wish id Never Kissed You
20-Jackie Edwards-theres only you in my love


sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2015

VA-20 Reggae Classics-1984

01.Tony Tribe-Red Red Wine
02.The Melodians-Sweet Sensation
03.Nicky Thomas-Love Of The Common People
04.The Slickers-Johnny Too Bad
05.The Maytals-Pressure Drop
06.Harry J All Stars-Liquidator
07.Simaryp Skinhead-Moonstomp
08.The Pioneers-Longshot Kick De Bucket
09.Winston Groovy-Please Dont Make Me Cry
10.Jimmy Cliff-Many Rivers To Cross
11.Desmond Dekker-007
12.Dandy Livingstone-Rudy A Message To You
13.Boy Friday-Version Girl
14.Eric Donaldson-Cherry Oh Baby
15.Clancy Eccles-Fattie Fattie
16.Bob Marley-Keep On Moving
17.The Pioneers-Time Hard
18.The Maytals-Monkey Man
19.The Melodians-Rivers Of Babylon
20.The Ethiopians-Train To Skaville


domingo, 18 de outubro de 2015


01-Ronnie Davis - I Won`t Cry
02-Bim & Clover-Wife & sweetheart
03-Cool Runnings - Trim & Shave
04-Delroy Wilson - Ain't to proud to beg
05-The Pioneers - Poor Rameses
06-King Vupp - Lie Down Girl
07-Yvonne Curtis - What's Your Name
08-Lloyd Ruddock - Genuine Way
09-Attamas - Brimstone And Fire
10-Errol Holt - Who Have Eyes To See
11-Bertie Brigh-didn´t told you
12-George and Tony-its a heartaches
13-S Williams-peace freedom love
14-Sandra Thomas - Really Love You This Way
15-Rudolph Francis - Motherless Children
16-Cornell Campbell - You Are My Sunshine
17-Ginger Williams - Your Love Driving Me Crazy
18-Prince Heron & Mudies All Stars - Spanish Town Rock
19-Cygnus - Babylon You Got To Set Jah Children Free
20-Mill Henry & Clive Field Marshall - Rock On Come On


quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2015


01-Myrna Hague - What About Me
02-Junior English - Muriel
03-Gooden Mcfarlane - Please Stay
04-Beach 5 The Way- She Moves
05-George Barret-Blind Man
06-Bob Meehan - Inner Mind
07-Gregory Isaacs-Way of life
08- Yvonne Curtis - Feeling
09-Ronnie Davis - Stay A Little Bit Longer
10-Lord Smell - Nana Munus
11-Ken Boothe - My Reward
12-Ansel Collins-So Long
13-Culture - Love Shine Brighter
14-The Prophets - Warn The Nation
15-Phil Phatt & Wild Bunch Inc. - Do His Will
16-Derrick Morgan And Rhythm Force - Now We Know
17-Keith Poppin & The Rocking Horse - Ram Daughter
18-Irie d &Delighta-babylon nah care
19-Roy Shirley - Stop Your Fussing And Fighting
20-Arthur & Hubert Lee - Blackman Times Is Coming Again


quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2015


01-Dennis Walks - Your Love Is My Request
02-Donovan Carless - Garden Party
03-Trevor Byfield - Burning Bush
04-General Jennings - Natty Palace
05-The Mellodies - What It Profit
06-Cool Cat - Knotty Command
07-U Roy Junior - King Of The Road
08-Terry Africa - Ruler Of Babylon
09-Tony Tuff - Big dance in town
10-Rip & Law - In The Ghetto
11-vibrators - go forward
12-lloyd and carey - down side up
13-dread almighty-chapter
14-roots music
15-Symbol - Misunderstanding
16-Marcie Sampson-everday you give
17-Prince Jazzbo - Natty Past Through Rome
18-Denzil Dennis-she´s my woman
19-Brixman-mr dj trying man
20-Ras Eliebank & 'D' Black Market Rhythm Band - Forward Home


segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2015


01-beres hammond-just like a woman
02-lloyd charmers-dance with my father
03-lloyd brown-since you been gone
04-Lincoln Carrol - Back In Love
05-Crepe Souls-mr big stuff
06-The Tropicsons - Loving Daughter
07-Lloyd Charmers- I'm Still Waiting
08-lloyd charmers-i still miss someone
09-trinity & ruddy thomas - loving pauper
10-Ronald Foster - Come Soul Girl
11-Prince charming-believein it
12-Royell Lavern & Barry - Tell I Girl
13-Watty Burnett - Dash It Pon Him
14-Yvonne Curtis - What's Your Name
15-King Vupp - Lie Down Girl
16-Bill Campbell-Love Has Come
17-The Prince Brothers - A Fe Me Something
18-Laurel Bartley & Light Of Saba - Hanging Locks
19-Rocky Delvar And The Girls - Living In The City
20-Donnie Harrison And Richard Ho Lung - Poor Man's Love


quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2015


01-Junior Byles-Live as One
02-Wiston Francis-so in love you
03-Tropical Sunlight - Labour Day
04-The Ethiopians-another moses
05 Delroy Wilson - Puppet on a string
06-cornel campbell-i love you madly
07-Danny Harrison - Poor Man’s Love
08-Paul Sinclair - Puppet On A String
09-jah skerta and dream - darkness
10-90 Degrees Inclusive - Fire Over Yonder
11-jackie edwards-are you lonesome tonight
12-The Clarendonians - Bound In Chains
13-The Cables - Give Me A Chance
14-jackie brown - uptight festival
15-william wright-help me jah
16-Lloyd Brown - I Know
17-Hepton Junior-black man beware
18-ernie smith-bend down low
19-Maureen Davis - Own True Love
20-Junior Byles-Whats the World Coming to