É melhor atirar-se à luta em busca de dias melhores, mesmo correndo o risco de perder tudo, do que permanecer estático, como os pobres de espírito, que não lutam, mas também não vencem, que não conhecem a dor da derrota, nem a glória de ressurgir dos escombros. Esses pobres de espírito, ao final de sua jornada na Terra não agradecem a Deus por terem vivido, mas desculpam-se perante Ele, por terem apenas passado pela vida. "Bob marley"

quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2015

V.A. - Musical Consortium 1974

01-Brad Lundy-Thats When It Hurts
02-Neville Grant-Baby Dont Get Hooked On Me
03-Lloyd Parks-Gaye
04-Jackie Robinson-Hit Me With Music
05-George Dekker-Keep Your Mouth Shut
06-The Sidney Crooks Band-The Rogue
07-Brad Lundy-Ain't Always What You Do
08-Jimmty Shondell-Snake In The Grass
09-Jackie Robinson-One More Chance
10-Jackie Robinson & George Dekker & Sidney Crooks-At The Club
11-George Dekker-Pardon
12-George Dekker Band-Move Away

quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2015

Justin Hinds - Travel with love

01 - Get Ready Rock Steady
02 - Miss Wendell
03 - Book of History
04 - Travel with Love
05 - Weeping Eyes
06 - In the Jungle
07 - Sweet Loraine
08 - The Rainbow
09 - Meditation


terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2015


01-Ann & Sonia - You Are In Love
02-Lorenzo - Let's Fall In Love Again
03-Royals- Jah Jah Knows
04-Dad Brown - Stand and Look on Attack
05-Ronnie Davis - Every Rasta Is A Star
06-Olidia-battle field
07-Fay & Dennis - A Message To You
08-Locksley Mellow- Going Home
09-Blacksteel -John Jones
10-Cimorons-Talking Blues
11-Jackie Brown - Wet Baggy
12-Lukie D - Since You Been Gone
13 Blackstones - True True True
14-Pauline Jones-The Gems Its too
15-Bertie Bright - Unity I Beg
16-Ranchie - Man come man go
17-Teddy Davis - All Alone
18-Shelton Walks - Pain In My Belly
19-Arthur And Hubbert Lee - Blackman Times Is Coming Again
20-Lenford Edwards   No Well Thinking Person Stands Alone


terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2015


01-The Jamaicans - My Heart Just Keeps Breaking
02-Victor & The Upsetting Brothers - Not You Baby
03 Mickey Simpson - Nuh Bother No War
03-Jackie Brown - Fat Girl
04-Linkers - Sitting On The Sidewalk
05-The Survivors - Living Out The
06-The Bleechers - Put It Good
07-mickey simpson & errol thompson - see dem a come
07-Freddy Bell - My Son
09-Max Romeo - Man In Your Life
10-Splenders - Sometimes Coffee
11-Flowers & Alvin - Howdy And Tenky
12-Jordan Williams - The Good You Do
13-Jackie Brown - I Will
14-Barrington Spence - Serious Joint
15-Lloyd Young - Call Your Mama
16-Clinton Grant - Keep On Grooving Me Girl
17-The New Commers - Killing Jamaica Children
18-The Stingers - Rasta Don't Stop No One
19-Have Sound Will Travel - Police And Youth In The Grove
20-Claudette Miller & The Ebonies - Too Much Heaven
21-Johnny Clarke - Gonna Love You More