É melhor atirar-se à luta em busca de dias melhores, mesmo correndo o risco de perder tudo, do que permanecer estático, como os pobres de espírito, que não lutam, mas também não vencem, que não conhecem a dor da derrota, nem a glória de ressurgir dos escombros. Esses pobres de espírito, ao final de sua jornada na Terra não agradecem a Deus por terem vivido, mas desculpam-se perante Ele, por terem apenas passado pela vida. "Bob marley"

terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2014

Jackie Edwards - 20 Super Hits 1979

01 - I Do Love You
02 - When I Fall In Love
03 - Julie On My Mind
04 - I'll Never Believe In You
05 - Anymore
06 - Sincerely
07 - In Paradise
08 - The Clock On The Wall
09 - It's All In The Game
10 - Dinner For One
11 - Worried Over You
12 - I'm In The Mood For Love
13 - Send Me A Love That's True
14 - Please Don't Ask Me Now
15 - A Little Smile
16 - Let's Fall In Love
17 - Sweet Love Of Mine
18 - Whenever There's Moonlight
19 - The Vow
20 - May The Good Lord Bless You


segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014


01-Martel Robison-Stesling Love
02-Owen grey-Oh My dreams
03-Silverstones - Boys In The Ghetto
04-Amara Kaabba-  Waiting
05-Smokey 007-no bodys child
06-Junior Byles- I Don't Know
07-Al Moodie - Bull Bay Jumping
08-Slickers-country boy
09-Jackie Parris-take a message to mary
10-Joy Card - Black Girl
11-The Blue Bells-live as one
12-Keith Poppin - Is It Too Late
13-Barrington Spence - Hard Times
14-Heptones Barry - Meaning Of Love
15-Veronica Adams - Believe In What Yo
16-Jacob Miller - Everyday With You Girl.
17-The Stingers - Rasta Don't Stop No One
18-African Princess - Jah Children Cry
19-Uncle Louis - Jah Dwell With In
20-Larry Marshall - The Love Sweet My Me


quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2014


01-Mighty Tops - Kiss The One I Love
02-Gregory Isaacs - Don't Belie
03-John Holt - The Tide is High
04-B .B. Seaton- All The Best
05-Murphy Romeo - A Lie Dem A Tell
06-Rebel Lion - People in the ghetto
07-derriick morgan-public enemy
08-Roman Stewart - Never Too Young To Learn
09-Roman Dave-Changing times
10-Shirley Hamilton- Send Me
11-Jackie_Edwards-Sexy Sandy
12-Jimmy Cliff - To Loose
13-Novlet Russel - I´ll Rather Be Lonely
14-The Prophets - The Righteous Way
15-Junior Byles - Mumbling & Glumbling
16-Tyrone Taylor_Yesterday
17-Survivors- Jah Throne
18-Inner Circle-dream
19-Larry Marshall - I've Got Another Girl
20-Bill Gentless-sisters and brothers
21-Errol Dunkley-Sad To Know


segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014

John Holt - Collection

02-I'll Go
03-Stick By Me
04-Rain From The Skies
05-Just Out Of Reach
06-I'll Be There
07-Do You Love Me
08-Only A Smile
09-I won't come in
10-if i were a carpenter
11-I'll Always Love You
12-Bing It On Home
13-Tribal War
14-Sweetie Come Brush Me
15-Riding For A Fall
16-Mona Lisa
17-Three In the Medow
18-Don't Break Your Promise
19-Look What You Have Done
20-Help Me Make It Through The Night


quarta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2014


01-Dorrett Wisdom - If There Is A Song
02-Johnny Clarke - Thankful To Jah
03-Leo Graham - Not Giving Up
04-Erick Clark - Praise The Father
05-The S.U.S. - You Need So Much
06-Sonny Popkiss-sweet rebel woman
07-Honey Boy - Cos I Love You
08-prince george-babylon kingdom fall
09-The S.U.S - Don't Believe
10-Bevy Mack-it was love
11-Rockie Campbell-He-Man
12-Dennis Walks-Afraid of natty
13-The Three Tops - Bone Yard
14-Danny Clarke - Babylon Trap Them
15-Ronnie Williams - Sweet Mary
16-Ronnie Davis - Train To Zion
17-Merlene Webber - Born To Be Lonely
18-Nerious Joseph - The Power Of Jah
19-Cleopatra Williams - Whole Lot A Dread
20-Willie Francis - Leaving But It Won't Be Long


segunda-feira, 13 de outubro de 2014


01-Barry Brown - Mouth A Talk
02-Barbara Jones-Oh What a Nite
03-Ruddy Thomas - Mama Say
04-Mike Brooks - Woman Of Shiloh
05-Vinnie Taylor & Revealers - Mount Zion
06-Bobby & Dave - Build My World Around You
07-David Isaacs - Stranger On The Shore
08-Lloyd Ruddock - Genuine Way
09-Elaine Moore - World Go Away
10-Carl Malcolm - Man A Plan
11-Jackie Eduards-My Name Is Fred
12-Joy White - Dread Out Deh
13-Scatty Bell-Black I Am
14-Prince Buster-Ride A Donkey
15-Royals, The - Come A Long Way
16-Skin Flesh&Bones-Solitary Man
17-larry & alvin - press along nyah
18-Lovindeer - Me a Follow Dollar
19-lloyd forrest - where it's at
20- Keith Poppin - Same Thing For Breakfast


quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2014


01 Andy Blackwood - One Love
02-Junior English - crime dont pay
03-Danny Ray - Ain't It A Beautiful Morning
04-Brent dowe - you kissed me last night
05-Winston Fergus - Town Called Allice
06-Danny Ray- Fire Redder Than Red
07-junior english - big boy & teacher
08-David Isaacs- True Love
10-David Isaacs-Hush Not To Mary
11-Noel Parkinson-Babylon A Mash Up Man
12-Junior English-god is on my side
13-Bill Gentles-bachelor boy
14-Junior English - All the Night Saw Plans
15-Jah Roy _ Weak Heart Nation
16-Donna Marie - Crusin
17-Tito Simon - the heart is son
18-Freddie Mckay -  I'm A Free Man
19-Junior English- Girl What You Doing To Me
20-Busty Brown & The Clowns - Soon I'm Gonna Make It


sexta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2014

The Meditations-Ghetto Knowledge

01-African Connection
02-Ghetto Is A College
03-Great Tribulation
04-Blackman Redemption
06-Living On The Edge
07-Do Be Down
08-Educated Fools
09-One Of Us
10-Never Desert You
12-Only Jah Love
13-Enemies Away
14-Jah Music
15-The Police
16-Rudeboy Corner
17-The More I Try


quarta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2014


01-The Modifiles - Bye Bye Happiness
02-Sandy Brown - Earth Angel
03-Errol Dunkley - King And Queen
04-Jimmy Riley - Ram Goat Liver
05-General Jennnings-Johnny Myeie
06-Sandy Brown - If You Should Lose Me
07-Cornell Campbell - Magic Spell
08-Carlton Malcolm - Father Free Us
09-Brixman-Mr Pretender
10-General Jennings - Bucking Tom
12-General Jennings - Natty Palace
13-Jackie Bernard - Never changing harmony
14-Jackie Bernard - Colliee Tree
15-Jackie Bernard - Time - Reggae
16-Jackie Bernard- Some Hard Time
17-Jackie Bernard - Can´t Wine
18-Carl Bert-I'd Rather Go Blind
19-The Twinkle Brothers - Take What You've Got
20-Sang Hugh - Last call to Black man take
21-Sang Hugh & The Lionelains- Rasta No Born Yah