É melhor atirar-se à luta em busca de dias melhores, mesmo correndo o risco de perder tudo, do que permanecer estático, como os pobres de espírito, que não lutam, mas também não vencem, que não conhecem a dor da derrota, nem a glória de ressurgir dos escombros. Esses pobres de espírito, ao final de sua jornada na Terra não agradecem a Deus por terem vivido, mas desculpam-se perante Ele, por terem apenas passado pela vida. "Bob marley"

domingo, 27 de setembro de 2015


01-The Musketeers - Brown Girl
02-Winston Francis - Let's Go To Zion
03-Horace Andy - Till
04-Winston Riley - Behold
05-Jah Daniel - rasta came
06-lloyd parks -girl in the morning
07-August Thomas - sad mood
08-J.Pennant-back biter
09-Roy Reynolds - Shank I
10-Jackie Brown - Take A Message To Mary
11-Earl George-green hills
12-Bobby Washington - Take Away
13-alton ellis cry not for me
14-Tony Tuff - Pass The Ball
15-alton ellis- baby i love you
16-Toney Barret-trying man
17-sattalites-its all in the game
18-Devon & The Tartans - Let's Have Some Fun
19-Jackie Parris-take a message to mary
19-Tony Shabazz - All I Need Is Loving
20-Ann Campbell-Bring You Body Close To Mine


quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2015


01-brent dowe - equality and justice
02-equation & jah dwight-sacrifice
03-Baby Huey - A yard
04-The Heptones - Meaning Of Life
05-pluto shervington-Ride Em Cowboy
06-derrick morgan - wet dreams
07-midnight groovers-babylon man
08-Fay And Enid - One Night Dinner
09-the tamlins-thats life
10-Cliff Stewart - Burn Collie
11-Bibiba - Something Is Coming
12-Elaine Winter - Here Come A Time
13-Hurts to Be Alone
14-The Mighty-victim and caesar
15-Bobby Kalphat - liberation front
16-The manchesters - Give Natty Dread the Glory
17-Josh King - Don'T Make Promises You Can'T Keep
18-Arthur Williams & The T Heart Breakers-bid me goodbye
19-Cock And The Woodpeckers - Every Day And Every Night
20-Bingy Bunny & Morwells with Nico Demus - Him A Natty Dread


terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2015


01-Prince Alla - Bucket Bottom
02-admiral tibet - yesterday
03-Prince Heron - Black Love
04-corey harris-Sweatshop
05-patrick andy - tired fi lick weed ina bush
06-jackie brown-getting tough
07-biron lee-for your love
08-alan king pin-i just dont know
09-jr delgado and the wailers band- reaction
10-king miguel-forwaad on the track
11-gregory iaacs-I can´t give my love alone
12-dave robinson - blackman dance
13-derrick lara & 7th extension - try again
14-ernest wilson-still love you
15-peter broggs - vank out
16-storm- sitting in the bush
17-lloyd ricketts - sing and shout
18-the lionites - woman check for vanity
19-unforgetables - dread sufferation
20-lloyd robinson - I can't forget


quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2015


01-owen gray - friend
02-the fire king group - pooman
03-dave collins - hot line
04-jackie edwards-sexy sandy
05-g.beres - easy ningth change
06-carl dawkins - get together
07-the mellotones - work it
08-hugh griffiths - so much love
09-busty brown - never love another
10-david andy - jah will be coming
11-clyde mcnash - bound to regret
12-lynn alice -  Me hanging on
13-barrington spence - mr. business man
14-derrick morgan-bring in the guns
15-donna dawson hinds-run away pet
16-owen gray - share your love with me
17-hopeton junior-black man beware
18-dave richardson - nobody wants you
19-the three brothers-hip hip hooray
20-cecil brown & the willows - do you remember



01-Sam&Les-your tender lips
02-Sisten Stern-ddevoted to you
03-Derrick Harriot-penny for you songs
04-John Brown-Dreadlocks easy
05-Marcie Sampson-everyday you give
06-George Dekker-Dangerous
07-Tellers - That Can't Hold I Again
08-Ray Mondo-you really want me to go
09-B. Howard & C. Hall - How I Miss You
10-Ferris and Gladstone-take my advince
11-Donovan Carless - How Can I Tell Her
12-Lanford Graham - I Gave My Love To You
13-Ray Mondo-Love I Can Depend on
14-Rose Marie - The Way We Were
15-Al Bell & The Realities - Rough Tribulation
16-Jimmy Cliff-the lion awakes
17-L Jones-Day Dreaming Of Africa
18-Trevor Shield And The Beltones - We've Got To Part
19-The Chosen Few - Chain Gang - Reggae Revival
20-fermena edwards - get up and do something