É melhor atirar-se à luta em busca de dias melhores, mesmo correndo o risco de perder tudo, do que permanecer estático, como os pobres de espírito, que não lutam, mas também não vencem, que não conhecem a dor da derrota, nem a glória de ressurgir dos escombros. Esses pobres de espírito, ao final de sua jornada na Terra não agradecem a Deus por terem vivido, mas desculpam-se perante Ele, por terem apenas passado pela vida. "Bob marley"

terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2016


01-minstrells - time
02-Enos McLeod - Always
03-Leroy King - I've Tried
04-the expanders - tell them ja ja
05-Bill Gentles - I Saw You
06-Hortense Ellis- I Am In Love
07-horace andy- I'll Forgive You
08-emeterians- Tell me why
09-Jane Mc Queen - Passing Time
10-eric morris-hard time in babylon
11-Langford Gizling - Gone Me Gone
12-Emeterians-Monday To Friday
13-d miller-got you on my mind
14-Raymond Hille - For The Good Times
15-martel robinson-cool shady tree
16-Gene Rondo - He Will Break Your Heart
17-Douglas Boothe - Feelings Comes & Goes
18-Dell Williams - Searching For Your Love
19-The Meditations-Ghetto Is A College
20- Keith Poppin - Before The Next Teardrop Falls


sexta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2015


01-Alton Ellis - Papa
03-The Flames - Zion
04-corey harris- Sweatshop
05-Leo Simpsom - Third World People
06-Bob Andy - Step On The Brother
07-The Willows - Baby Let Me Feel It
08-The Willows - Hard To Fall In Love
09-John Holt - Just Out Of Reach
10-Expressions - People In The Ghetto
11-Jackie-Brown-Good Things
12-Freddie McKay - Open Up Your Door
13-John Snowball - Buggy And Horse
14-patrick andy - tired fi lick weed ina bush
15-The Ethiopians - Knowledge Is Power
16-The Silvertones - Tear Drops Will Fall
17-riperton bennet-love is the answer
18-Pauline-Jones-The Gems Its too late
19-The New Commers - Killing Jamaica Children
20-Derrick Morgan - Chiney Commer Round I Roy


sábado, 28 de novembro de 2015


01-Eddie Fords-jango
02-The Virgins - Ital Buddy
03-Jah Ted - Me Bad Lucked
04-Charles Bennet - Forward On
05-Flora Admmas-my crew
06-Alrick Carter - Fire Army Band
07-Leonard Dillon-On My Side
08-Eddy Ford - Whip Them Jah-Jah
09-Roy Shirley -  Reggae at the best
10-Danny Ray - Ain't It A Beautiful Morning
11-The pressure shocks - baby i love you
12-The Hoffner Brothers - Let Me Dream
13-Jah Ted - SLavery (Glen Livingston,Living Music
14-The Expandles-your friend
15-Winston Reedy - Silver Word
16-Sacka Tulloch - Free The Children
17-Sellars & King Karol´s Gang - Touch Of Gold
18-Rocky Delvar And The Girls - Living In The City
19-Milton Hamilton & The Classics - Long Long Road
20-Woodrow Noble & Prince Hammer - Reggae At The Best


sábado, 14 de novembro de 2015


01-Silver Richards - Dearest
02-B.B. Seaton - Wanst It Made
03-Bobby Melody - Let It Be
04-The Maytones - Hands & Feet
05-Tony Tuff - I Am So Glad
06-Brother Roy - Different Experience
07-David Anthony - My Pretty Playmate
08-paul_davidson-midnight rider
09-R. Zee Jackson - Cool Down
10-Johnnie Clarke - Take My Hand
11-Euvin Spance-feeling of love
12-Justin Hinds - What you Dont Know
13-Aston Gayle - Jah Will Help Us
14-Ken Quatty - Row Fisherman Row
15-Lloyd Tefler - Oh Doctor
16-jackie edwards - in parad
17-Paragons - Happy go lucky girl
18-Bobby-Davis-Wolrd In My Arms
19-Lovindeer - Free The Weed
20-The Campbell Brothers-Sharing The Night Together


segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015

The Royals - Pick Up the Pieces

01 - Pick Up the Pieces
02 - Ghetto Man
03 - Heart in Pain
04 - Only Jah Knows
05 - Sufferer of the Ghetto
06 - If I Were You
07 - When You Are Wrong (version 1)
08 - When You Are Wrong (version 2)
09 - Promised Land
10 - Message
11 - Only for a Time
12 - Genuine Way
13 - Blacker Black
14 - Peace and Love
15 - Facts of Life
16 - If You Want Good
17 - Make Believe (version 1)
18 - Make Believe (version 2)
19 - Leave out of Babylon
20 - Down Comes the Rain


quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2015


01 - Jah Jah No New
02 - Living Man
03 - European Man
04 - Cleaning Up Time
05 - Injustice
06 - A So Jah Say
07 - Inspired
08 - Natty Dread Stand
09 - Africa
10 - Babylon Bawling


terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2015


01-Barrington Spence - Getty Getty
02-jc lodge-I little love
03-Eric Morris - Say What You're Saying
04-Sydney Crooks-blood it ago run
05-Sonny Popkiss - Sweet Rebel Woman
06-the heptones-suffers time
07-Audrey Gordon -  I am Free
08-carl marahall-bore gatting
09-cedric myton-where he leads me
10-Barrington Spence - Don't Touch I Dread
11-Eric Valentine - What A Thing Jah
12-The Maytones - Serious world
13-John holt-you won´t come in
14-cornel campbell-just my imagination
15-johnny clarke - Baby Love You
16-bill and dicky-hold them natty dread
17-Fred McMurray - Shining Star
18-crepe souls-mr big stuff
19-joseph blue grant - grant my baby on drugs
20-Paula Dean And Nyah Shuffle - Since I Meet You Baby


quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2015


01-Wild Knights-she likes to party
02-Jimmy Reid-nah give up
03-Mikey Spice - Showers Of Blessing
04-Stanley Roots-angel
05-Honey Boy - All I Want
06-bill spencer-its a beautiful life
07-Jimmy Riley-your the one
08-clinark-as a man i weep
09-Donna Marie - Shing Star
10-Gregory Issacs - My Time
11-the stingers-rasta stop no one
12-Brent Dowe - Little Nut Tree
14-Mike Brooks-lonely
15-Donna Marie - In Loving You
16-Honey Boy - Where Will You Be
17-Gregory Issacs - Cool Down The Place
18-Barrington Spence-my god and i
19-Donna Mrie - Wish id Never Kissed You
20-Jackie Edwards-theres only you in my love


sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2015

VA-20 Reggae Classics-1984

01.Tony Tribe-Red Red Wine
02.The Melodians-Sweet Sensation
03.Nicky Thomas-Love Of The Common People
04.The Slickers-Johnny Too Bad
05.The Maytals-Pressure Drop
06.Harry J All Stars-Liquidator
07.Simaryp Skinhead-Moonstomp
08.The Pioneers-Longshot Kick De Bucket
09.Winston Groovy-Please Dont Make Me Cry
10.Jimmy Cliff-Many Rivers To Cross
11.Desmond Dekker-007
12.Dandy Livingstone-Rudy A Message To You
13.Boy Friday-Version Girl
14.Eric Donaldson-Cherry Oh Baby
15.Clancy Eccles-Fattie Fattie
16.Bob Marley-Keep On Moving
17.The Pioneers-Time Hard
18.The Maytals-Monkey Man
19.The Melodians-Rivers Of Babylon
20.The Ethiopians-Train To Skaville


domingo, 18 de outubro de 2015


01-Ronnie Davis - I Won`t Cry
02-Bim & Clover-Wife & sweetheart
03-Cool Runnings - Trim & Shave
04-Delroy Wilson - Ain't to proud to beg
05-The Pioneers - Poor Rameses
06-King Vupp - Lie Down Girl
07-Yvonne Curtis - What's Your Name
08-Lloyd Ruddock - Genuine Way
09-Attamas - Brimstone And Fire
10-Errol Holt - Who Have Eyes To See
11-Bertie Brigh-didn´t told you
12-George and Tony-its a heartaches
13-S Williams-peace freedom love
14-Sandra Thomas - Really Love You This Way
15-Rudolph Francis - Motherless Children
16-Cornell Campbell - You Are My Sunshine
17-Ginger Williams - Your Love Driving Me Crazy
18-Prince Heron & Mudies All Stars - Spanish Town Rock
19-Cygnus - Babylon You Got To Set Jah Children Free
20-Mill Henry & Clive Field Marshall - Rock On Come On


quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2015


01-Myrna Hague - What About Me
02-Junior English - Muriel
03-Gooden Mcfarlane - Please Stay
04-Beach 5 The Way- She Moves
05-George Barret-Blind Man
06-Bob Meehan - Inner Mind
07-Gregory Isaacs-Way of life
08- Yvonne Curtis - Feeling
09-Ronnie Davis - Stay A Little Bit Longer
10-Lord Smell - Nana Munus
11-Ken Boothe - My Reward
12-Ansel Collins-So Long
13-Culture - Love Shine Brighter
14-The Prophets - Warn The Nation
15-Phil Phatt & Wild Bunch Inc. - Do His Will
16-Derrick Morgan And Rhythm Force - Now We Know
17-Keith Poppin & The Rocking Horse - Ram Daughter
18-Irie d &Delighta-babylon nah care
19-Roy Shirley - Stop Your Fussing And Fighting
20-Arthur & Hubert Lee - Blackman Times Is Coming Again


quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2015


01-Dennis Walks - Your Love Is My Request
02-Donovan Carless - Garden Party
03-Trevor Byfield - Burning Bush
04-General Jennings - Natty Palace
05-The Mellodies - What It Profit
06-Cool Cat - Knotty Command
07-U Roy Junior - King Of The Road
08-Terry Africa - Ruler Of Babylon
09-Tony Tuff - Big dance in town
10-Rip & Law - In The Ghetto
11-vibrators - go forward
12-lloyd and carey - down side up
13-dread almighty-chapter
14-roots music
15-Symbol - Misunderstanding
16-Marcie Sampson-everday you give
17-Prince Jazzbo - Natty Past Through Rome
18-Denzil Dennis-she´s my woman
19-Brixman-mr dj trying man
20-Ras Eliebank & 'D' Black Market Rhythm Band - Forward Home


segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2015


01-beres hammond-just like a woman
02-lloyd charmers-dance with my father
03-lloyd brown-since you been gone
04-Lincoln Carrol - Back In Love
05-Crepe Souls-mr big stuff
06-The Tropicsons - Loving Daughter
07-Lloyd Charmers- I'm Still Waiting
08-lloyd charmers-i still miss someone
09-trinity & ruddy thomas - loving pauper
10-Ronald Foster - Come Soul Girl
11-Prince charming-believein it
12-Royell Lavern & Barry - Tell I Girl
13-Watty Burnett - Dash It Pon Him
14-Yvonne Curtis - What's Your Name
15-King Vupp - Lie Down Girl
16-Bill Campbell-Love Has Come
17-The Prince Brothers - A Fe Me Something
18-Laurel Bartley & Light Of Saba - Hanging Locks
19-Rocky Delvar And The Girls - Living In The City
20-Donnie Harrison And Richard Ho Lung - Poor Man's Love


quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2015


01-Junior Byles-Live as One
02-Wiston Francis-so in love you
03-Tropical Sunlight - Labour Day
04-The Ethiopians-another moses
05 Delroy Wilson - Puppet on a string
06-cornel campbell-i love you madly
07-Danny Harrison - Poor Man’s Love
08-Paul Sinclair - Puppet On A String
09-jah skerta and dream - darkness
10-90 Degrees Inclusive - Fire Over Yonder
11-jackie edwards-are you lonesome tonight
12-The Clarendonians - Bound In Chains
13-The Cables - Give Me A Chance
14-jackie brown - uptight festival
15-william wright-help me jah
16-Lloyd Brown - I Know
17-Hepton Junior-black man beware
18-ernie smith-bend down low
19-Maureen Davis - Own True Love
20-Junior Byles-Whats the World Coming to


domingo, 27 de setembro de 2015


01-The Musketeers - Brown Girl
02-Winston Francis - Let's Go To Zion
03-Horace Andy - Till
04-Winston Riley - Behold
05-Jah Daniel - rasta came
06-lloyd parks -girl in the morning
07-August Thomas - sad mood
08-J.Pennant-back biter
09-Roy Reynolds - Shank I
10-Jackie Brown - Take A Message To Mary
11-Earl George-green hills
12-Bobby Washington - Take Away
13-alton ellis cry not for me
14-Tony Tuff - Pass The Ball
15-alton ellis- baby i love you
16-Toney Barret-trying man
17-sattalites-its all in the game
18-Devon & The Tartans - Let's Have Some Fun
19-Jackie Parris-take a message to mary
19-Tony Shabazz - All I Need Is Loving
20-Ann Campbell-Bring You Body Close To Mine


quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2015


01-brent dowe - equality and justice
02-equation & jah dwight-sacrifice
03-Baby Huey - A yard
04-The Heptones - Meaning Of Life
05-pluto shervington-Ride Em Cowboy
06-derrick morgan - wet dreams
07-midnight groovers-babylon man
08-Fay And Enid - One Night Dinner
09-the tamlins-thats life
10-Cliff Stewart - Burn Collie
11-Bibiba - Something Is Coming
12-Elaine Winter - Here Come A Time
13-Hurts to Be Alone
14-The Mighty-victim and caesar
15-Bobby Kalphat - liberation front
16-The manchesters - Give Natty Dread the Glory
17-Josh King - Don'T Make Promises You Can'T Keep
18-Arthur Williams & The T Heart Breakers-bid me goodbye
19-Cock And The Woodpeckers - Every Day And Every Night
20-Bingy Bunny & Morwells with Nico Demus - Him A Natty Dread


terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2015


01-Prince Alla - Bucket Bottom
02-admiral tibet - yesterday
03-Prince Heron - Black Love
04-corey harris-Sweatshop
05-patrick andy - tired fi lick weed ina bush
06-jackie brown-getting tough
07-biron lee-for your love
08-alan king pin-i just dont know
09-jr delgado and the wailers band- reaction
10-king miguel-forwaad on the track
11-gregory iaacs-I can´t give my love alone
12-dave robinson - blackman dance
13-derrick lara & 7th extension - try again
14-ernest wilson-still love you
15-peter broggs - vank out
16-storm- sitting in the bush
17-lloyd ricketts - sing and shout
18-the lionites - woman check for vanity
19-unforgetables - dread sufferation
20-lloyd robinson - I can't forget


quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2015


01-owen gray - friend
02-the fire king group - pooman
03-dave collins - hot line
04-jackie edwards-sexy sandy
05-g.beres - easy ningth change
06-carl dawkins - get together
07-the mellotones - work it
08-hugh griffiths - so much love
09-busty brown - never love another
10-david andy - jah will be coming
11-clyde mcnash - bound to regret
12-lynn alice -  Me hanging on
13-barrington spence - mr. business man
14-derrick morgan-bring in the guns
15-donna dawson hinds-run away pet
16-owen gray - share your love with me
17-hopeton junior-black man beware
18-dave richardson - nobody wants you
19-the three brothers-hip hip hooray
20-cecil brown & the willows - do you remember



01-Sam&Les-your tender lips
02-Sisten Stern-ddevoted to you
03-Derrick Harriot-penny for you songs
04-John Brown-Dreadlocks easy
05-Marcie Sampson-everyday you give
06-George Dekker-Dangerous
07-Tellers - That Can't Hold I Again
08-Ray Mondo-you really want me to go
09-B. Howard & C. Hall - How I Miss You
10-Ferris and Gladstone-take my advince
11-Donovan Carless - How Can I Tell Her
12-Lanford Graham - I Gave My Love To You
13-Ray Mondo-Love I Can Depend on
14-Rose Marie - The Way We Were
15-Al Bell & The Realities - Rough Tribulation
16-Jimmy Cliff-the lion awakes
17-L Jones-Day Dreaming Of Africa
18-Trevor Shield And The Beltones - We've Got To Part
19-The Chosen Few - Chain Gang - Reggae Revival
20-fermena edwards - get up and do something


sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2015


01-Pat Kelly - Love Oh Love
02-Keith Rowe - Out of Many
03-Larry Marshall_Suspicion
04-Sensations - Baby Love
05-Mikey simpson - low them
06-Klearview Harmonix - No Jestering
07-The P.R.G.'s - Love Your Woman And Child
08-Danny Clarke & Meditations - This Time
09-Naaman Lee-freedom
10-Nadine Sutherland - Hands & Heart
11-L. Lovindeer-fire in a babylon
12-The Blue Bells-live as one
13-Neville Hinds - london bridge
14-Pat Rhoden - Maybe The Next Time
15-Phillip Parkinson - Just What I Own
16-Roy Shirley - Everybody Needs A Friend
17-Cimarons- Rock rock reggae rhapsody
18-Owen Grey - Girl What You're Doing To Me
19-Pat Rhoden - Seeing Is Believing
20-Terry Africa - Ruler Of Babylon
21-Derrick Harriott & Chosen Few - Have You Seen Her
22-King Oney & The Twos - Country People We Love You


sábado, 13 de junho de 2015

Leroy Smart - Exclusive-1984

01-private message
02-only you
03-dont cry
04-love jah
05-disappointed lover
06-jah come first
07-love me
08-get ready
09-be by my side


sábado, 6 de junho de 2015


01-Victor Taylor-You're My Life
02-Fay And Enid - One Night Dinner
03-The Chantells - Eat You Belly Full
04-Gene Rondo - Mary Mary
05-Junior Thompson - Let It Happen Now
06-Eric Morris - Eyere Feeling
07-Treasure Boy - Message To Martha
09-Marcia Aitken - Danger In Your Eyes
10-Jones Hill-why
11-Jimmy London - The Road Is Rough
12-Jenifer Laura - You're My Life
13-Otis And The Serenades - Look And See
14-Norris Cole-tell me why
15-Barrington Spance- Pamela
16-The Melodians - Give Thanks And Praises
17-Stranger Cole & Gladstone Anderson - Love Me This Evening
18-Stranger Cole & Gladstone Anderson - Make Good
19-Danny Ray - Ain't It A Beautiful Morning
20-Milton Hamilton & The Classics - Long Long Road


quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2015


01 - lloyd gordon - roots medley
02 - Keith Poppin - Hop Scotch
03 - Errol Dunkley - It Was Nice While It Lasted
04 - Barrington Spence - yard a roots
05 - Freddie McKay - Go On This Way
06 - John Holt - Make Up
07-  The Shades - Let Me Remind You
08 - Winston Reed - Breakfast In Bed
09-  Joe White - People Are Changing
10-  The Cariboes - Let It Be Me
11-  The Uniques - Love And Devotion
12 - Melody Makers - Childrem Playing In The Street
13 - The Silvertones - Smile
14 - The Melodians - Come On Little Girl
15 - Clancy Eccles - Thy Kingdom Come
16 - June Hyles - Natty Come Over
18 - Eric Donaldson - Happy Man
19-  Roy Shirley - When You Are Young
20 - Willi Williams - Prisoner Of Lonelyness
21-  Akabu - Time


sábado, 16 de maio de 2015

Dwayne Ellis - Precious Moments

01-Evelyn White
02-Why Can't We Get On Together
04-Give Me A Chance
05-Running In And Out
06-You And Me Baby
07-Come Back Now
08-Feeling You Close To Me
09-Wished To Be Loved


segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2015


01 Ruddy Thomas - bless you
02-Erroll Alves - Down In The Ghetto
03-Lenroy Swaby - We Want Our Liberty
04-Tinga Stewart - I Must Be Dreaming
05-Ronald Foster-you can`t fool me
06-The Meditations- I Am A Loner
07-John Holt - Mother And Father Love
08-Dandy Livingston - Think About That
09-Ethiopians, The - Buy You A Ring
10-The Heptones-crystal blue persuasion
11-Tanglewood-My People Needs
12-Pretty Little Blue Eyes
13-Vic Taylor - Let Me Rock You
14-Glenmore Brown - Welcome My Love
15-Gladstone Barrett - Dem Laughing
16-Alex Hamilton - fuss and fighting
17-David Andy-Jah Will Be Coming
18-Reggae Bubblers-money
19-Monyaka-False Conception.1
20-John Holt And The Brentford All Stars - Holly Holly


terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2015


01-The Ethiopians - Jericho
02-keith poppin - some a dem a go shame
03-brent dowe - freedom train
04-Prince Williams - Trying Time
05-david isaacs - hard road to travel
06-Honeyboy - Rock Me
07-The Symbolics - Tell Them Jah Jah
08-Gladstone Anderson - Rockers
09-Gladstone Murray - Amazon
10-Gregory Isaacs.Not Soul
11-Jimmy London - Walk With Love
12-Caleb Sweetback - Darling You
13-Roy Clunis - Carry Go Bring Come
14-T Bird Experience - Roots Inna Roots
15-Rottadam - i was born to be a rebel
16-The Versatiles - Warricka Hill
17-The Prince Brothers - Man In Your Life
18-J Power-Just To Say Goodbye
19-Simplicity People- Time Is Getting Harder
20-Merlyn Brooks & The Conscious Minds - I've Been Down
21-Sonia Spence - When
22-Justin Hinds-sinners


sábado, 25 de abril de 2015


01-Laraine Brown & Al Kussin - I Don't Need You
02-The Invaders-mad dog
03-Willy Darling - Joe
04-The Bluebells - Freedom fighter
05-Mo Ja - Foreign Mine
06-Lorna Bennett - Chapel Of Love
07-Larry & Alvin - Rejected Girl
08-Ernest Wilson - Truths & Rights
09-The Clarendonians - Bound In Chains
10-Only Love - Gaby & The Cables
11-Henley Banton Honour Babylon
12-Little Roy and Ian Rock - Forces
13-Aston  Barrett - Rat Race
14-The Maytals - One Eye Enos
15-The Moonrocks - Bit Of Your Time
16-Cables- Everybody Got A Song To Sing
17-Delroy Washington - The Way To Reason
18-Lloyd Hemmings - Calling All Blackmen
19-Derrick Morgan - Who Is To Be Blamed
20-Trevor Byfield - Tell Me That You Love Me


quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015


01-The Gladiators-Freedom Train
02-The Duke All Stars-A Letter to Mummy  Daddy
03-The Marijuanas   Tell us When
04-Alvin Dread - Picture On the Wall
05-Soul  Foundation - Play girl
06-Prince Lincoln - Live up to your name
07-Sugar Minott-your song
08-Dobby Jones-good for bad
09-Candy Mckenzie-Tell Me A Lie
10-The Heptones - Young, Gifted & Black
11-Valin Miller - Black Mother
12-Uncle Louis   Look Up To Jah
13-Milton Samuels - Redhot
14-Sammy Davis - corn meal
15-Ronnie Williams - Sweet Mary
16-Lloyd Condell - Let The Good Times Roll
17-The Aggrovators - Rasta Want Peace
18-Prince George-babylon kingdon sall
19-The Soul Rebels - I'm The One Who Loves You
20-The Ewartonians-expressing my fellings


quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2015


01-Ronnie Benjamin-Stand-Up
02-Funky Brown-rainbow
04-Jimmy Mack-talk to me
05-Ray Mondo-lovely lady
06-The Traps - Tears That I Cried
07-wayne wade-lady
08-Skulls - Tird World
09-Chantells - Children Of Jah
10-Yvonne Sterling - Full Of Music
11-Owen Gray - Old Black Magic
12-Erick Clark - Praise The Father
14-Tito Simano-rocking time
15-The Admirals - Natty Should Be Free
16-funky Brown-i can see
17-Leo Graham-Three Blind Mice
18-Winston Groovy-you send me
19-Bunny Wailer - Battering Down Sentence
20-Lloyd Hemmings - Calling All Blackmen
21-Jackie Edwards _ Endless Love


segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2015

VA. - I Can't Resist Your Tenderness

A1 - Bill Campbell - Take Me Make Me
A2 - Bill Campbell - Strange World
A3 - Eugene Paul - Moving Into The City
A4 - Cindy Brown - Honey Darling
A5 - Ginger Williams - Tenderness
A6 - Ronnie & Tony - Out The Fire
B1 - Neil - Cecillia
B2 - Neil - My Girl
B3 - Fay & Dennis - Message To You
B4 - Eugene Paul - Hey Little Girl
B5 - Ginger Williams - Little Boy
B6 - Fay & The Bitter Sweet - Beautiful Dream


quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2015


01-The Virgins - Ital Buddy
02-Willie Francis - Morning Stars
03-Dobby Dobson - Bit By Bit
04-Honey Boy-silver word
05-Leroy Brown - Fades Away
06-Jhone Walsh - Soul bek
07-Jah Maker - Hold On Tight
08-Ken Parker - Message To Mary
09-Cool Cat - Knotty Comman
10-The Willows - Hard To Fall In Love
11-Eric Donaldson-Lady In Lace
12-Barrington Spence - Sweet Wanton
13-Herman Chin-Loy & Clement - One Love
14-Freddie Mckay - Open Up Your Door
15-Mike Robinson - Nothing left For Me
16-Brent Dowe-knock three times
17-Davis & Williams - where do i go from here
18-Phil Phatt & Wild Bunch - Do His Will
19-Delroy Wilson & Busty Brown - Know Your Friend
20-Mike Robinson - Don´t Take You Love From Me
21-The Officials - Ten Years Ago


sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2015


01-King Tony - Speak No Evil
02-Junior Byles - Auntie Lu Lu
03-Johnny Clarke - The End
04-King Miguel - Town Talk
05-Lloyd Young - Call Your Mama
06-Teddy Davis - All Alone
07-Brent Dowe  - De Pon De Wicked
08-The Prophet - The Righteous Way
09-Don Gordon let you love begin
10-Bunny Wailer - Battering Down Sentence
11-Hugh Roy Junior - Let The Music Rock You
12-Jackie Brown - Take A Message To Mary
13-Joy White-letter to mammy and daddy
14-Prince George - Babylon Kingdom fall
15-Rod Williams & Super 8 Corporation
16-shelton walks - come and get yourself some
17-The Social Evils - Madness Can Be Gladness
18-Dell Williams - Searching For Your Love
19-Danny Ray & Pat Dillon - Easy Loving
20-Clyde Mcnash - Bound To Regret


quarta-feira, 4 de março de 2015


01-The Tamlins - Love Light
02-The Unforgetable - Rise Rasta
03-The Uprising - Pestilence
04-Lee Goofed-the love children
05-Sylford Walker-Babylonians
06-Hubert Lee - What Am I Living For
07-Diamonds - Shame And Pride
08-The Tropicsons - Loving Daughter
09-Joyce Bond-Tears From My Eyes
11-Roy Shyrley-Hear My Plea
12-Willie Francis - Morning Stars
13-Chantells - How Can I Get Over
14-The Nightingales - What A Situation
15-Arrows - Seek Fire
16-Calvin Bradford - I'll Be Waiting
17-Bellfield - How You Gonna Get Control
18-Guinney Pepper - For A Few Dollars More
19-Luddy Pioneer & Joe Slicker - Right On Time
20-Willie Francis - Leaving But It Won't Be Long

quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2015

V.A. - Musical Consortium 1974

01-Brad Lundy-Thats When It Hurts
02-Neville Grant-Baby Dont Get Hooked On Me
03-Lloyd Parks-Gaye
04-Jackie Robinson-Hit Me With Music
05-George Dekker-Keep Your Mouth Shut
06-The Sidney Crooks Band-The Rogue
07-Brad Lundy-Ain't Always What You Do
08-Jimmty Shondell-Snake In The Grass
09-Jackie Robinson-One More Chance
10-Jackie Robinson & George Dekker & Sidney Crooks-At The Club
11-George Dekker-Pardon
12-George Dekker Band-Move Away

quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2015

Justin Hinds - Travel with love

01 - Get Ready Rock Steady
02 - Miss Wendell
03 - Book of History
04 - Travel with Love
05 - Weeping Eyes
06 - In the Jungle
07 - Sweet Loraine
08 - The Rainbow
09 - Meditation


terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2015


01-Ann & Sonia - You Are In Love
02-Lorenzo - Let's Fall In Love Again
03-Royals- Jah Jah Knows
04-Dad Brown - Stand and Look on Attack
05-Ronnie Davis - Every Rasta Is A Star
06-Olidia-battle field
07-Fay & Dennis - A Message To You
08-Locksley Mellow- Going Home
09-Blacksteel -John Jones
10-Cimorons-Talking Blues
11-Jackie Brown - Wet Baggy
12-Lukie D - Since You Been Gone
13 Blackstones - True True True
14-Pauline Jones-The Gems Its too
15-Bertie Bright - Unity I Beg
16-Ranchie - Man come man go
17-Teddy Davis - All Alone
18-Shelton Walks - Pain In My Belly
19-Arthur And Hubbert Lee - Blackman Times Is Coming Again
20-Lenford Edwards   No Well Thinking Person Stands Alone


terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2015


01-The Jamaicans - My Heart Just Keeps Breaking
02-Victor & The Upsetting Brothers - Not You Baby
03 Mickey Simpson - Nuh Bother No War
03-Jackie Brown - Fat Girl
04-Linkers - Sitting On The Sidewalk
05-The Survivors - Living Out The
06-The Bleechers - Put It Good
07-mickey simpson & errol thompson - see dem a come
07-Freddy Bell - My Son
09-Max Romeo - Man In Your Life
10-Splenders - Sometimes Coffee
11-Flowers & Alvin - Howdy And Tenky
12-Jordan Williams - The Good You Do
13-Jackie Brown - I Will
14-Barrington Spence - Serious Joint
15-Lloyd Young - Call Your Mama
16-Clinton Grant - Keep On Grooving Me Girl
17-The New Commers - Killing Jamaica Children
18-The Stingers - Rasta Don't Stop No One
19-Have Sound Will Travel - Police And Youth In The Grove
20-Claudette Miller & The Ebonies - Too Much Heaven
21-Johnny Clarke - Gonna Love You More


quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2015

Va - Original Reggae Hits Of The 60s And 70s Vol 01

02-Ernie Smith-life is just for living
03-Ken Lazarus-hail the man
04-Hopeton Lewis-take it easy
05-Ernie Smith-pitta patta
06-Pluto-your honour
07-Ken Lazarus-cecilia
08-The Record Epecialist-dynamic pressure
09-Ernie Smith-i cant take it
10-Marcia Griffiths-i just dont want to be lonely
11-Ken Boothe-silver words
12-Hopeton Lewis-sound and pressure
13-Bob Andy-games people play
14-The Paragons-talking love
15-Boris Gardener-you make me feel brand new
16-Ernie Smith-bend down
17-The Gaylets-silent river
18-Judy Mowatt-it must be him


segunda-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2015


01-Sabanoh - Carry on
02-Noel Campbell-Sufferation
03-Bill Campbell-Our World My Girl
04-Rockie Campbell -It Hurts To Be Alone
05-Claudius Linton - Twentieth Century
06-Madam Sexy - Buddy Cry
07-Ann Campbell-deck the hall
08-Stallictite - Beware Of Yourself
09-Ray Mondo-tie me down
10-Ulett & Honeyboy - Come To Me
11-Rockie Campbell-are you mine
12-Christine Joy White - You'll Lose A Good Thing
13-Douglas Boothe - Feel It
14-Dub Brown - Jah Jah A Go Beat Dem
15-Valerie Harrison-travel with love
16-Jackie Brown - Close by your side
17-Simplicity People-time is getting harder
18-Larry Marshal - Jah Jah Here My Cry
19-Fred Bryan & The Gaylads - Welcome To Are Land
20-Roman Stewart & Dave Barker - Changing Times

quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2015

Various Artist - Reggae Times In Africa

01 - Askia Modibo - Circulation De Bamako
02 - Ismael Issac - Terrorisme
03 - Kalori Sory - Walata
04 - Ahmed Faras - Deni
05 - Larry Cheickh - Djan Dju Star
06 - Tiken Jah Fakoly - Mangecratie
07 - Omar Pene - Docteur
08 - Fode Kouyate - Vanille Et Chocolat
09 - Fode Baro - Allah Kabo
10 - Djos Kezo - Djou
11 - Nahawa Doumbia - Banani
12 - Black Medio - Problemes Conjugaux


terça-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2015

Brother Ayouba - Burnin 2000

01 - Thanks And Praises
02 - Negritude
03 - Natty Dread
04 - Revolution
05 - Dark Ghetto
06 - Burning
07 - Rastaman
08 - Mystical
09 - Reveillez-vous
10 - Natty Dread (Remix)
11 - Burning (Dub)


sábado, 20 de dezembro de 2014

Barbara Jones - Forever

01-Just Someone I Used To Know
02-The Pain Of Loving You
03-Never Find Another Someone Like You
04-I Will Always Love You
05-Never Say Goodbye
06-Tommoro Is Forever
07-Just Beacause I'm A Woman
08-Forever [feat, Tyrone Taylor]
09-This Love makes Me Happy
10-Crazy Love


quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2014

Super Reggae Vol 01

01-Bubbler In Money
02-Ain't That Lovin' You
03-Friend And Money
04-You Sexy Thing
05-Bet Your Life I Do
06-Don't Mind My Business
07-Look At The Moutiains
08-Never Sunday
09-You're No Good
10-As a Man Thinketh
11-The Lion
12-No Woman, No Cry
13-The Return o fleroy PT.I


terça-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2014

Junior P -Give Thanks

01-junior p-give thanks
02-junior p-tired
03-junior p-gway
04-junior p-change up
05-junior p-so good
06-junior p-love
07-junior p-so loving
08-junior p-listen up
09-junior p-dont try
10-junior p-real love
11-junior p-praises
12-junior p-pack up
13-junior p-sweet lady
14-junior p-led poison
15-junior p-get wise


sábado, 13 de dezembro de 2014


01-Pat Kelly - Love Oh Love
02-Paulette  Williams - My Island
03-The Moonrocks - Bit Of Your Time
04-Carlton & Leroy - Not Responsible
05-Charlie & The Maytones - Lovers Affair
06-Lee Francis - Rising Of Another
07-Levi Williams - big fat wife
08-Lloyd Robinson - Fire Fire
09-Tan Lloyd  - This Yah Corner
10-Keith Poppin - Kick The Bucket
11-Brent Dowe - same song everyday
12-The Maytones - Searching For You
13-K.C. White - Anywhere But Nowhere
14-The Upsetters - Family Man
15-The Starlites - you're a wanted man
16-The Happs - In Heaven There Is No Beer
17-The Fabulous Five - Love Me For A Reason
18-Ken Boothe - now you come running back
19-Billy Dyce - jamaica will wear a crown
20-Winston Jarrett & The Righteous Flames - Easy Squeeze
21-Winston Hewitt's-We'll be lovers


sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2014




quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2014


01-OJ- Things Felt Right
02-Irving & Cynthia- You've Got A Friend
03-The Blenders- Why Did You Run Away -
04-Howdy And Tenky - Flowers & Alvin
05-Gregory Isaacs - Who Cares
06-Carl Dawkins- Luv Is Needed -
07-Hubert Lee - I Love Verona
08-Noris Cole-Bom Ball
09-Audrey Gordon-gentle dove
10-Pluggy Satchmo-What Rasta Say
11-Denise Darlington - feel so good
12-Audrey Gordon-rock me luke
13-Sharon Black - struggling
14-Cecile Campbell - whisper to me
15-Rosalyn Sweet - blackbirds singing
16-Pam Hall-about to lose my mind
17-Wiston Groove-you never be lonely
18-David Isaacs-You Wil Be Sorry
19-Joe White - Stop, Look & Listen to Your Heart
20-Derrick Morgan And Rhythm Force - Now We Know


sexta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2014

LIVING TRUTH - The Singing Bingi

01 Over There
02 Unite
03 War Mongers
04 Behold the Rastaman Cometh
05 Laugh After Them
06 Oh Jah
07 Raise Your Hand
08 Jah Is the Light
09 Travelling Man
10 Bongo Natty
11 Give Thanks
12 I'm in Love
13 To the Woman I Love
14 Give Love a Try
15 Only Jah Know
16 Warmth and Sunshine


quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2014


A1. Jamdown Region
A2. Rooms
A3. Ever Ready
A4. Jump Around
A5. Call Her For Me
B1. Have A Eye
B2. Na Go Fret
B3. Walk And Skank
B4. The Plane Land


terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2014

VA. - Crucial Collection-Reggae Superstars

01 - Hopeton James - Give All Your Love
02 - Hortense Ellis - Girls
03 - Hugo Brown - Living In The Ghetto
04 - Hopeton James - Dreader Than Dread
05 - Hugo Brown - Ayatollah
06 - Hortense Ellis - Sitting In The Park
07 - Barry Brown - You Hurt Me
08 - Sugar Minott - Every Little Thing
09 - Hugo Brown - Everyone Tun Ranking
10 - Dennis Reid - By The Look