É melhor atirar-se à luta em busca de dias melhores, mesmo correndo o risco de perder tudo, do que permanecer estático, como os pobres de espírito, que não lutam, mas também não vencem, que não conhecem a dor da derrota, nem a glória de ressurgir dos escombros. Esses pobres de espírito, ao final de sua jornada na Terra não agradecem a Deus por terem vivido, mas desculpam-se perante Ele, por terem apenas passado pela vida. "Bob marley"

sábado, 25 de abril de 2015


01-Laraine Brown & Al Kussin - I Don't Need You
02-The Invaders-mad dog
03-Willy Darling - Joe
04-The Bluebells - Freedom fighter
05-Mo Ja - Foreign Mine
06-Lorna Bennett - Chapel Of Love
07-Larry & Alvin - Rejected Girl
08-Ernest Wilson - Truths & Rights
09-The Clarendonians - Bound In Chains
10-Only Love - Gaby & The Cables
11-Henley Banton Honour Babylon
12-Little Roy and Ian Rock - Forces
13-Aston  Barrett - Rat Race
14-The Maytals - One Eye Enos
15-The Moonrocks - Bit Of Your Time
16-Cables- Everybody Got A Song To Sing
17-Delroy Washington - The Way To Reason
18-Lloyd Hemmings - Calling All Blackmen
19-Derrick Morgan - Who Is To Be Blamed
20-Trevor Byfield - Tell Me That You Love Me


quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015


01-The Gladiators-Freedom Train
02-The Duke All Stars-A Letter to Mummy  Daddy
03-The Marijuanas   Tell us When
04-Alvin Dread - Picture On the Wall
05-Soul  Foundation - Play girl
06-Prince Lincoln - Live up to your name
07-Sugar Minott-your song
08-Dobby Jones-good for bad
09-Candy Mckenzie-Tell Me A Lie
10-The Heptones - Young, Gifted & Black
11-Valin Miller - Black Mother
12-Uncle Louis   Look Up To Jah
13-Milton Samuels - Redhot
14-Sammy Davis - corn meal
15-Ronnie Williams - Sweet Mary
16-Lloyd Condell - Let The Good Times Roll
17-The Aggrovators - Rasta Want Peace
18-Prince George-babylon kingdon sall
19-The Soul Rebels - I'm The One Who Loves You
20-The Ewartonians-expressing my fellings


quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2015


01-Ronnie Benjamin-Stand-Up
02-Funky Brown-rainbow
04-Jimmy Mack-talk to me
05-Ray Mondo-lovely lady
06-The Traps - Tears That I Cried
07-wayne wade-lady
08-Skulls - Tird World
09-Chantells - Children Of Jah
10-Yvonne Sterling - Full Of Music
11-Owen Gray - Old Black Magic
12-Erick Clark - Praise The Father
14-Tito Simano-rocking time
15-The Admirals - Natty Should Be Free
16-funky Brown-i can see
17-Leo Graham-Three Blind Mice
18-Winston Groovy-you send me
19-Bunny Wailer - Battering Down Sentence
20-Lloyd Hemmings - Calling All Blackmen
21-Jackie Edwards _ Endless Love


segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2015

VA. - I Can't Resist Your Tenderness

A1 - Bill Campbell - Take Me Make Me
A2 - Bill Campbell - Strange World
A3 - Eugene Paul - Moving Into The City
A4 - Cindy Brown - Honey Darling
A5 - Ginger Williams - Tenderness
A6 - Ronnie & Tony - Out The Fire
B1 - Neil - Cecillia
B2 - Neil - My Girl
B3 - Fay & Dennis - Message To You
B4 - Eugene Paul - Hey Little Girl
B5 - Ginger Williams - Little Boy
B6 - Fay & The Bitter Sweet - Beautiful Dream


quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2015


01-The Virgins - Ital Buddy
02-Willie Francis - Morning Stars
03-Dobby Dobson - Bit By Bit
04-Honey Boy-silver word
05-Leroy Brown - Fades Away
06-Jhone Walsh - Soul bek
07-Jah Maker - Hold On Tight
08-Ken Parker - Message To Mary
09-Cool Cat - Knotty Comman
10-The Willows - Hard To Fall In Love
11-Eric Donaldson-Lady In Lace
12-Barrington Spence - Sweet Wanton
13-Herman Chin-Loy & Clement - One Love
14-Freddie Mckay - Open Up Your Door
15-Mike Robinson - Nothing left For Me
16-Brent Dowe-knock three times
17-Davis & Williams - where do i go from here
18-Phil Phatt & Wild Bunch - Do His Will
19-Delroy Wilson & Busty Brown - Know Your Friend
20-Mike Robinson - Don´t Take You Love From Me
21-The Officials - Ten Years Ago